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quoteI just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be more pleased with my Electric Explorer. I'd estimate that it's accumulated ~ 450 hours in Florida Panhandle rivers and tidewater since it was delivered to me. The motor was an insightful idea and is a fantastic product. Mine has had no downtime and no failures. None. I don't see how a better hull could have been selected or a more sensible cockpit designed for exploring streams, rivers and tidal areas either. I can row through perhaps 6 inches of water with 2 or 3 aboard and even power through as little as 10 by shifting people forward. I cruise all day long, and generally end up with at least 40% useable electrical reserve. That opens up, what is to me, the most interesting, unspoiled and peaceful part of Florida. It was well worth every penny. Thanks for a fantastic, unique product.end quote

John Clay, Tallahassee, FL

quoteWe are now entering the eleventh season powering the 32' Blue Heron with the same reliability we've come to expect in each of the past ten years. Absolutely no repairs have been required. In fact, we haven't replaced any of the batteries. I suspect this is due to the efficient system and its electronic controls. Reliability is taken for granted... It always works.end quote

C. Denney, Seneca Creek, Maryland State Park, - Tour Boats

quoteYour motor has powered this boat for 5 years and has provided virtually trouble free and maintenance free service. Best of all, it has operated reliably in all types of weather and under all conditions.end quote

R. Dolesh, Park Manager, Patuxent River Park, - Tour Boats

quoteThe 48-volt electric motor that I purchased from you for use on my rental pontoon boat has performed far beyond my fondest expectations. All my customers express amazement at the speed and dependability of the motor despite the strong winds which sometimes plague the lake. In my honest opinion your motors are the best.end quote

J. Ryan, Lake Manassas Marina, Virginia, - Rental Boats

quoteIt is a sturdy well built machine. I haven't had any trouble with it and I expect it to last for many years.end quote

Jorge Suarez, Lake Barcroft, Virginia, Pontoon boat

quoteI have owned and operated electric outboard motors for over 20 years. I have carefully reviewed the design and engineering of all electric outboards available and this one provides better performance as well as quieter and more reliable operation. No problems are evident and the system has exceeded all expectations. I can not emphasize enough that this electric motor system is the "Cadillac" of the industry.end quote

W. Fleming, Lake Barcroft, Virginia, Pontoon boat

quoteWe would like to add that the simplicity of design, installation and maintenance, quietness, power and reliability of your motor, in our opinion, are the outstanding qualities of your motor that determined our choice and have been satisfactorily proven through use.end quote

R. Waterval, Lake Barcroft, Virginia, Pontoon boat

quoteNo other motor combines adequate power with such workmanship, dependability and ease of operation. It's the main conversation piece for all electric boat owners in this area. You are to be commended for producing such a quality product as your Ray motor. Ecologists and fishermen alike thank you. A satisfied customer.end quote

C. Brown, Baltimore, Maryland, Reservoir fishing, - Jon Boats

quoteMy total down time with this motor is zero.end quote

J. Sauter, Baltimore, Maryland, Reservoir fishing, - Jon Boats

quoteI probably use the motor more than anyone else in this area and have never had any problems with performance, speed or running time.end quote

B. Weber, Baltimore, Maryland, Reservoir fishing, - Jon Boats

quoteRAY ELECTRIC OUTBOARDS - Powerful, reliable, proven! You either own a RAY, or you want to own one. There truly are no other choices!end quote

Steve Hammond - BoatButler Marine Services, Inc. - Alpharetta, Ga.

quoteHi, I have an old Ray motor #9 Nature Boy, was wondering if any manuals are still around? It still runs perfect...end quote

John L.

“I bought a 22 foot pontoon for my” electric motors only” lake. After researching electric motors and seeing issues with other brands I found Ray Marine. I was worried about not having enough power for my larger boat so I went with the 60 volt. Now I’m motoring with power to spare! Fastest boat on the Lake! Couldn’t be happier.”

John L. - Wisconsin