Made in the USA

The Ray Electric Outboard is the first electric outboard to be designed and patented as a primary source of power.

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At Ray Electric Outboards we focus on what is important.

pic_motors_1.jpgReliability. Our first motor was sold in 1974. Since that time and thousands of motors later, over 99 percent of our motors are still in service. Personally, we think that speaks volumes about reliability.

Powerful. The Ray Electric Outboard is well suited for powering the family pontoon boat around the lake all day. However, the same Ray Electric Outboard is more than capable of powering large loads. Numerous commercial tour boat companies throughout the world depend on the reliability and quiet power of the Ray Electric Outboard to keep their customers moving.

Versatility. Unlike many imitations, the Ray Electric Outboard is designed first and foremost as an outboard whose function is to be the primary source of power. This permits our customers to adapt the Ray Electric Outboard to their lifestyle and needs.

The Ray Electric Outboard is built in the USA. It features a single lever control, a patented dual air cooled electric motor that delivers up to 250 pounds of static thrust (System 500) coupled with the finest and quietest gears available and a large specially designed and efficient propeller that is guaranteed not to bend or break for two years after date of purchase, one year commerical application.

Unlike gas motors, the Ray Electric Outboard starts instantly, every time and requires no winterization. Charges overnight for pennies and will run all day long on a single charge giving you the security of knowing it will take you there and back efficiently.

The Ray Electric Outboard reaches its maximum efficiency when paired with one of our distinctively engineered Ray E-Boats that feature true displacement hulls. The Ray E-Boats are capable of cruising speeds of just less than 8 mile per hour or sustaining cruising speeds of five plus miles per hour for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Additionally, our Ray E-Boats handle easily both in forward and reverse giving confidence to even an inexperienced boater and even the grandkids.

The Ray Electric Outboard – Reliable, Powerful, Versatile and Quiet non-polluting power that will serve your needs for years and years. In fact, it will probably be the last electric outboard you ever buy, unless you are adding a second boat.

Ray Electric Outboards We don't Troll – We Motor

Stay Charged and begin enjoying the outdoors by listening to the view.

There is not an electric outboard motor on the market today that can match the reliability and performance of a Ray Electric Outboard (see testimonials).

  • The first motor to be designed and patented as a primary power electric outboard, not some type of adaptation of a trolling motor or gas outboard conversion.
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • The Ray Electric Outboard can be installed on just about any boat.
  • Delivers 250 lbs. of static thrust (System 500)
  • Large, efficient propeller - guaranteed not to bend or break for two years.
  • Easy installation and operation with complete instructions.
  • Built to withstand the daily rigors of heavy commercial use. See Testimonials
  • Non-polluting.
  • Starts instantly, every time.
  • Single lever control for forward/reverse and speed. With instantaneous shifting you can shift as fast as needed.
  • Economical - approximately $1.50 to charge overnight.
  • Boat steers easily in reverse, unlike boats equipped with an inboard motor.
  • Able to tilt up out of the water - no barnacles or growth on the lower unit or prop. 
  • No winterization required - except to keep the batteries charged.
  • Air cooled - no water pump to clog or burn out.
  • Smooth operation - does not smoke, shake, or make disturbing noise.
  • As easy to get in and go as your car.
  • Easily fueled - just plug it in.
  • Single lever control (forward, reverse, variable speed) with efficient pulse modulated speed control.
  • Heavy duty motor.
  • Smooth direct reversing.
  • 12 1/2" x 10" weedless propeller.
  • 2.6 to 1 gear reduction - permits larger propeller.
  • Battery meter.
  • Dual pass air cooling.
  • Integral steering tube (link arm furnished).
  • Twist grip control on tiller model.
  • Complete installation, maintenance, and operating instructions.
  • 36 volt (2.5 hp), 48 volt (4 hp) or 60 volt (5 hp) Motor
  • Remote or tiller control
  • Short shaft for 15 inch transom or long shaft for 20 inch transom
  • Saltwater protection
  • Batteries - We offer 4 sizes of batteries
  • Plastic battery boxes (purchase locally)
  • Ammeter
  • Tilt & Trim
  • Chargers: Dual Pro or Lester 36, 48 and 60 volt Lester (only) and Overseas 220V, 5 Cycle 36 or 48 volt

Efficiency: Overall propulsion efficiency including propeller is 45.7% for 48 Volt System 400 motor. This is a very high efficiency.


Note: E145 instead of E135 batteries are available giving 7% increased running times and 3 lb. increase in system weight per battery.
Note 2: Above system weights include charger. For additional battery banks, see batteries.