Made in the USA
  • The first motor to be designed and patented as a primary power electric outboard, not some type of adaptation of a trolling motor or gas outboard conversion.
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • The Ray Electric Outboard can be installed on just about any boat.
  • Delivers 250 lbs. of static thrust (System 500)
  • Large, efficient propeller - guaranteed not to bend or break for two years.
  • Easy installation and operation with complete instructions.
  • Built to withstand the daily rigors of heavy commercial use. See Testimonials
  • Non-polluting.
  • Starts instantly, every time.
  • Single lever control for forward/reverse and speed. With instantaneous shifting you can shift as fast as needed.
  • Economical - approximately $1.50 to charge overnight.
  • Boat steers easily in reverse, unlike boats equipped with an inboard motor.
  • Able to tilt up out of the water - no barnacles or growth on the lower unit or prop. 
  • No winterization required - except to keep the batteries charged.
  • Air cooled - no water pump to clog or burn out.
  • Smooth operation - does not smoke, shake, or make disturbing noise.
  • As easy to get in and go as your car.
  • Easily fueled - just plug it in.
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