Made in the USA

Posted 3/20/2003

Ray Electric Outboards, Inc. of Cape Coral, FL is pleased to announce that the Ray electric outboard motor has been selected by Silver Springs to power their extensive fleet of tour boats. Including their world famous glass bottom boats. The first group of the new motors arrived at Silver Springs on February 7, 2003. This is the first time in over half a century that Silver Springs has changed the propulsion units on its fleet. Silver Springs exhaustively tested the Ray electric outboard motor for a year before selecting the Ray motor. To meet Silver Springs' requirements a special motor was provided with increased power on 36 volts and with steering provided by a large steering wheel atop the outboard.

Ray electric outboard motors were developed and produced over the past thirty years, while keeping abreast of the latest technologies, by its owner Lt. Colonel Morton Ray (USA Ret.) a graduate of West Point and Carnegie Institute of Technology. The company is the largest producer of primary propulsion electric outboard motors in the world with many dealers nationwide.
Released Feb 7, 2003 Note: For additional tour boat information, see Applications.