Made in the USA

Posted 3/20/2003

JOHN CLAY- who bought his Explorer in July, 99 sends this unsolicited glowing praise of the Electric Explorer and the Ray Electric Outboard for exploring shallow waters.

Dear Mr. Ray:

I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be more pleased with my Electric Explorer. I'd estimate that it's accumulated ~ 450 hours in Florida Panhandle rivers and tidewater since it was delivered to me. The motor was an insightful idea and is a fantastic product. Mine has no downtime and no failures. None. I don't see how a better hull could have been selected or more sensible cockpit designed for exploring streams, rivers, and tidal areas either. I can row through perhaps 6 inches of water with 2 or 3 aboard and even power through as little as 10 by shifting people forward. I cruise all day long, and generally end up with at least 40% useable electrical reserve. That opens up, what is to me, the most interesting, unspoiled and peaceful part of Florida. It was well worth every penny. Thanks for a fantastic, unique product.

John Clay
Tallahassee, FL