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You can steer in reverse

An outboard electric boat can be accurately steered in reverse, a single screw inboard boat cannot. This can be a source of trouble and embarrassment to the skipper.

You won't be stranded by a damaged propeller

Electric Outboards are less vulnerable to shallow water because the outboard is designed to "kick up" out of the water if it hits an obstruction preventing or at least limiting damage. The Ray normally does not sustain any significant damage due to hitting obstructions, not even to the propeller. In fact, it's guaranteed for two years not to do so.

You can trailer easier

Electric Outboard boats lend themselves better to trailering. Inboard boats sit higher on their trailers because of prop shaft and keel and generally are harder to launch and retrieve.

You can easily remove your motor for repair

Electric Outboard motors are easier to repair or replace. The unit can easily be removed or installed. If you operate a rental fleet you'll like this.

You don't need a lift for saltwater!

If you use your boat on salt water, an outboard boat can eliminate the use of a lift and rely on good bottom paint to protect your boat from barnacles and other sea growth. The best bottom paint can protect your bottom for two years. It's the prop, shaft, and rudder that get sea growth first, because bottom paint doesn't adhere well to these moving metal parts. A vibrating prop is usually the first sign that barnacles are adhering to it causing it to be out of balance. Barnacles on the running gear typically occur in six to eight months

With an electric outboard that tilts completely out of the water, as the Ray does, you can avoid barnacled running gear and the expense and inconvenience of a lift. Paint will take care of your hull. Your boat is ready to go immediately and docking upon return is a lot easier.

Happy Boating,

Morton Ray