Made in the USA

Now entering its 38th year, Florida-based Ray Electric Outboard is on a roll.

For over a quarter-century the company earned a healthy reputation for viable electric alternatives to standard marine power. With the addition of the 60 Volt outboard system to the company's 36 and 48 Volt systems, Ray Electric Outboards has seen production and demand more than double.

Growth of Ray reflects the growing number of "electric-only" lakes popping up around the country. These bodies of water account for about 90 percent of Ray's sales --- great news since the number of electric-only lakes jumps every year.

It's easy to see why: Electric-powered outboards are much quieter, less damaging to the environment and boast incredible longevity. (Practically every engine built since 1974 is still in service.) Specifically, Ray has a very strong market among boaters in lakes communities. These are typically the folks who would prefer quiet, clean cruising over high performance.

The Ray Electric outboard is available in short- and long-shaft models, console or tiller, provide from 136 to 250 pounds of thrust, easy installation and complete two-year warranty on parts and labor. Overnight charging only costs about a dollar, and that gives the engine a comfortably long range before needing to be recharged.

A perfect match for this power plant is just about any pontoon or deck boat, especially for a large group of people who just want to kick back and enjoy some clean, relaxed and quiet boating.

For more information on Ray Electric Outboards, its products and/or its network of dealers, contact Ray directly at 908 NE 24th Lane, Cape Coral, FL 33909; 800-259-1637 or 239-574-1948; Fax 239-574-8359 or on the web at

- Article from Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine